What happened in Q2 2020? Codex Review

A review of new features, launches and changes at Codex

White Glove Service

The first release of the quarter was the White Glove Service. Collectors can utilize White Glove service to overcome the huge backlogs of items they want registered to Codex.

1. Printable Codex Record Certificates

The first new feature on Codex this past quarter was the introduction of Printable Codex Record Certificates. Having printable versions of Codex Records was designed primarily for the art professionals as an offering for them to give to buyers along with the digital Records. Artists, gallerists, dealers and collectors want to keep the printed Records as part of their provenance records. While users understand the value of blockchain Records, it turns out some still like tangible documents to accompany them.

View Romero’s Gallery: https://codex-viewer.com/featured-collections/ikohaus

Development Updates

In addition to the new features mentioned above, we made a handful of development updates this quarter that helped enhance the user experience and make the Registry run more efficiently. These fixes improved the API and database connectivity, increasing its reliability and requiring less manual intervention from the team.



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