How artists can adapt to Covid-19 changes in the art world

Should I add my art to the blockchain? A few key considerations artists should contemplate as we step into the new digital age.

5 min readJul 29, 2020


Adaptability is the name of the game in 2020; we’re learning that in all areas of our lives. Being adaptable is a skill that artists have honed for centuries. In order to spend time pursing his real passion projects, Leonardo da Vinci worked as a costume designer for the Milanese court. Artists adapt to the latest in technology and leverage their creativity to pay their bills and pursue their art.

The limitations that Covid-19 placed onto the public’s ability to consume and buy art have put an enormous strain on the art world and its institutions. Over the last 5 months we’ve seen everything from Sotheby’s streaming a $150 million auction to a room of TVs to Tate Modern’s Virtual Tour of the Andy Warhol Retrospective Exhibition.

Each passing week it looks more and more like it will be a very long time until the world returns to normal and people gather in groups to enjoy art. We have to continue moving in the digital direction.

Art fairs, exhibition openings, artist collectives, retrospectives, biennales — all will continue to go digital. With an increase in art submissions in digital forms, displaying art digitally and buying art digitally, artists need to make sure they are protecting their art in this new world. We want to help artists adapt and leverage the best practices in digital art management.

Here’s a few ways that using Codex can help you, as an artist, navigate the new digital norm.

Offer authenticity and trust

Issues of fraud and proving authenticity are not new, but with the added pressure of managing all business online it’s more imperative now than ever.

Take ownership over the works you create. Create digital provenance Records of your artworks, tracked on the blockchain. Prove authenticity and authorship to any interested collector, dealer or gallerist. We’ve recently updated and expanded how provenance is stored on Codex, learn more about it here.

Provenance sections on Codex Records show a tamper-proof history of ownership as information is added to the blockchain

Provide your buyers with peace of mind that only blockchain technology can offer. Codex Records ensure that their new purchases will always be recognized as original and will accrue value accordingly.

Make yourself ‘searchable’ online

People are consuming art online now more than ever in history. As collectors and art professionals browse online to find new artists, exhibitions and trends, make sure they find you.

Our enhanced SEO encourages your works to be found faster and by more buyers, helping the world discover you easier. You can also showcase an electronic gallery through our Codex Viewer and share it across social media. Learn more about how Codex boosts SEO here.

Preserve your legacy online

Ensure that your name is always associated with your creations online. Easily add Codex Records to each creation and build your network of recognizable work, no matter how far it travels.

Create a customized Featured Collection on Codex to showcase all of your artworks and Codex Records. Give people a place to easily and enjoyably browse through your catalogue of works.

Codex Featured Collections

Offer limited, digital editions to your physical works

Securing images with blockchain technology gives digital art more value than ever before as you can prove authenticity and scarcity of your images. When registering the photo of your physical artwork onto Codex (i.e. on to the blockchain), you can create a limited edition, digital version of your artwork. Collectors will love having a one-of-a-kind piece in a new medium.

By creating art on Codex Records, which are tokens on the blockchain (called non-fungible tokens, or “NFTs”) you can prove your digital works are originals. There can be thousands of reproductions of an image online, but with an NFT you can demonstrate which digital images are original. Proving authorship allows you to create scarcity for the digital editions of your physical pieces.

The digital world is the new frontier. Make sure you don’t get lost in the shuffle and take ownership over your art practice — sign up to Codex now!

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