Codex Protocol Product Update: Search Overhaul

As the Codex Registry nears half a million items, we’ve made some product updates to support collectors using the platform.

Following a strong end to 2019, this quarter shows no sign of slowing down. Nearly half a million items have been registered on the Codex Registry. In this quarter alone over 100,000 items have been added to Codex by auction houses, collectors, galleries and artists.

Search problems

As the Registry grew, searching became more cumbersome and inefficient. Due to the rapidly growing number of Codex Records that the search function had to process, normal search routines became nearly impossible and would often time out, returning no results.

The solution

Previously, all searches were done through complicated database queries. We’ve now implemented an open-source software called Sonic. Sonic is specifically built for fast text-based searching, exactly what is needed to execute an efficient search through the Codex Registry. When Codex Records are created or updated, they are automatically indexed through Sonic, making searches almost instantaneous.

As we have discussed in this article Codex Records can be public or private. While Sonic does index all Codex Records, private and public Records are kept in two separate “buckets”. Records that have been made private will only appear in searches for the owner of a private Record.

Why this matters for collectors

The Codex Registry allows buyers to search through hundreds of thousands (soon to be millions) of auction house results. Collectors can search for items similar to theirs to learn more about a collectible class, or they can verify the authenticity of an asset by finding its tamper-proof Record on Codex.

As Codex continues to add more collectors via our integration with LiveAuctioneers, we are excited to update our search capabilities. More collectors turn to Codex every day to help them manage their collection online, and we’re proud to continuously improve the platform and bring transparency and trust to the art market.

About Codex

Codex is the leading decentralized asset registry for the $2 trillion arts & collectibles (“A&C”) ecosystem, which includes art, fine wine, collectible cars, antiques, decorative arts, coins, watches, jewelry, and more. Codex will be adopted by the Codex Consortium, a group of major stakeholders in the A&C space who facilitate over $6 Billion in sales to millions of bidders across tens of thousands of auctions from 5,000 auction houses in over 50 countries.

To learn more about Codex initiatives, visit our white paper. To inquire about partnerships and developing dApps using the Codex Protocol, please contact us via Telegram or Twitter

Codex is the leading decentralized registry for the $2 trillion arts & collectibles ("A&C") ecosystem. Our Publication: