Artist interview: artist knowledge sharing of blockchain

We talked with photographer Gisel X Florez to discuss her new art series, which leverages blockchain and new technologies

Artist background

Gisel X Florez is a New York based artist who built a career in commercial and still-life photography. Growing up with an engineer as a father, she’s always been interested in science and nature, but chose to focus primarily on the arts when she was accepted to the Rhode Island School of Design. While she’s pursued the arts as a career, much of her work has been heavily influenced by her affinity for the sciences. One of her first professional projects at the intersection of art and technology was with a team of medical researchers at Brown University. Gisel worked with research team to create illustrations, a menu interface and an intuitive design for the medical research being conducted in their immersive VR environment called the “Cave”.

About the “I AM WE CAN EXIST” series

Gisel took an in-camera photograph taken of a rolling “50th Year Anniversary of Andy Warhol” tomato soup can and split it into 49 pieces, each represented on an ERC-721 token (NFT). Each of one of the cross-sectioned pieces was hand-signed and cut from the A/P (artist proof) version of the Giclee archival print. Additionally, all pieces are embedded with a QR code that corresponds to the token.

Signed, editioned IAMWECANEXIST coins

How it relates to other artists

Knowledge sharing with artists

What artists need to know

Gisel’s salon, by nature of the event, covered a variety of questions and topics around blockchain and art. But when we asked her what the biggest piece of advice she had for artists who were starting to experiment in blockchain, she emphatically answered “the wallet situation! It’s not like signing up for email where you can link multiple accounts and transfer your items with the accounts. Once you pick a wallet — stick to it!” Sage advice.

Gisel’s Salon on blockchain, art and digital art

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